Reviews, rather roundups and links, fun food fins and favorite spots.

You can expect my reviews from a my own perspective and while it’s typically “healthy”, sometimes it’s not.  A girl has to eat. I have physically dined at all mentioned places and chewed, chomped, or guzzled something that has entertained my palate one way or another. Otherwise I wouldn’t give recognition!




Cookery (Italian)-I eat there at least once a week. The menu changes and it’s perfect for carnivores, but the salads and crostino….simply amazing.

Harvest On Hudson (Fine Dining-stunning atmosphere on the water.

Sushi Mikes-need I say more? Always fresh fish.

Leftyries (Greek)-the most authentic I’ve had in Westchester. 

Andy’s Pure Food (Healthy!)-love their green juice and fresh soups.

Sal’s Pizza-best flipping pizza in Westchester!


Antoinettes-need coffee or cheesecake? Go, go now!

Lulu’s-my wedding cake creators-cannoli cake filling anyone?

Three Dogs Bakery (Gluten Free)-pretty darn good carrot cake!

NYC-Big Apple BITES!


Billy’s (Chelsea) -(roundup done). Hands down best red velvet and banana cupcake.

Sugar Sweet Sunshine-Try the pistachio cupcake and the banana pudding, you’ll have dreams of swimming in that pudding.

Magnolia’s-classic cupcakes, also try the coconut cake. OMG.

Joe, the art of Coffee-coffee is an art and ‘Joe’ is an artist.


Awash (Ethiopian)-eat with your hands and scoop up the most delightful vegetarian feast.

Grey Dog Cafe-I so wish they were in Westchester, but thank goodness it’s near Ishta yoga, grab a chai tea or definitely stop in for breakfast. Simply awesome American menu.

Nam (Vietnamese)-like it spicy? Worth the travel to Wall Street.

Westville, Chelsea (American, Healthy, Comfort)-roundupdone

Mamoya (Japanese/Sushi)-Clean and simple. Great sushi.

Cafeteria (American-Comfort)-roundup done. Late night snack, Sunday brunch, midday bloody? Greasy and Healthy options all available.

Crema (Fancy Mexican)-Spicy margaritas and amazing guacamole. Go there.

Candle 79 (Indulgent Healthy)-Not sure if you like tempeh? You will after dining at Candle.

Candle Cafe (Healthy on a dime)-Eat everything there, you can’t go wrong! It smells like grass and organic goodies in there. Wheatgrass that is.

Commerce (Contemporary American)-Yum.

Blossom (Vegetarian)-Another Veggie fav-Chelsea.

Angelika’s Kitchen (Vegetarian)-One of my first vegetarian dining experiences in NYC. Try the cornbread and well…anything on the menu!

Suoen (Macrobiotic)-Sip on some Moo tea then pile on the veggies. Awesome lunch special.

EATALY -(roundup done).Your’e gonna spend money, a lot of money. But, you want authentic Italian goods and you’ve found the right place. You can dine there, and grocery shop…basically spend endless hours drooling. 

Morandi (Italian)-The spelt salad is a must.

Malatesta (Italy in the West Village)-Italian, simple, clean, gnocchi is amazing.

Matsuri (Japanese)-Fancy Shmancy spot, dress up, put the red heels on and embrace the scene. $$$$.

La Esquina (Mexican)-Party time! Fish tacos are amazing.

Devi (Indian)-Fine dining and fancy Indian menu. Special occasion type of dinner.

Raoul’s (French)-First date spot, ask to be seated in the back garden. You might spill escargot on your shirt (oh wait, that was me). Start at Soho Grande hotel for a cocktail, then move to Raoul’s.

Soho Grande Hotel (Drink spot)

Pravda-old school, underground, amazing martinis.

Ben’s Famous Pizza (Obviously PIZZA!)


Ginger Man-I love the pear salad and the tuna tare tare.


Pizza Fushion-(roundup done). Gluten free and quite the variety of toppings and crusts. Awesome.


4 thoughts on “DINING OUT-FAVS

  1. I come back once a year to get rejuvenated, food wise that is, and maybe visit friends and family. We’ve been here for 15 years but I still miss a lot of things back east. I still hear from the old Westlake crowd I grew up with, funny after all these years something’s never change.
    Mom’s 2nd bakery was in Armonk, 1st was in the Bronx, forgot, Armonk another place I’ve lived.
    H on the Hudson was a good one. Also, in the big apple our big time favorite is Gallagher’s on 52nd.
    Story, we haven’t been in there for 30 years. So last year we spent a few days in NY, had to see Dizzy’s Cola Cola Lounge in Lincoln Ctr. We walked in the Gallagher’s and had the same meal, same waiters, same owners, same everything as 30 years ago. I flip you a picture with The Babe behind us.
    More on food later…..

  2. I just realized something, you know Westchester like I do, and here’s why. Born in the Bronx, moved to Hawthorne till I was 16 then into the Navy. When I came back, I lived in Pleasantville, Silver Lake, Carmel, Thornwood, Valhalla, North Salem (9years)and finally White Plains before moving to Fort Collins, CO. I recongnize some of the above eateries that I miss dearly. Ah, the past….

    • You’re kidding me! I am a Hawthorne/Thornwood native. Nothing like small Westchester towns. Did you have a favorite? Too bad you aren’t here now, there are some unbelievably talented chefs in Dobbs Ferry, Hastings on Hudson, Irvington, Sleep Hollow…..My favorite is now Cookery in Dobbs, new this past year.

  3. Awesome – thanks – I agree totally – except please let’s chat about fat and chew it too.

    p.s. I don’t like communicating this way because it’s not tactile enough and no aromas or hugs.

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