It has been DORMANT.


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It’s a dormant growing season at the moment, in New York at least. And frankly, this blog has been pretty dormant. The definition of dormant is:

In terms of flora, many trees lie dormant during winter, i.e. not growing, just like seeds remain dormant until they are given the stimulus to grow (soil, water, sunlight).

The reason I shared that little ditty is because the sentence referring to “stimulus to grow” hit home with me. And so did the photo above,“Take time to Live Life.”

Why? The one thing I promised myself that I wouldn’t DO is blog unless I felt strongly about something, enthusiastic and jumping for joy about it (i.e. like when I have a cupcake in my hand) or completely inspired. Otherwise, writing to just write is not my kind of gig. Do I dare say I had a twinge of writer’s block? Hence, that’s why it’s been awhile. 

p.s. I AM NOT STOPPING THE BLOG, only I’ll be away for a few weeks. 

So what’s been going on? 

Actually, a whole lot! There have been many positives things going on in my life which have taken me away from the computer screen and dealing more with people. Well, that’s cool cause I like people. If you didn’t notice, I’m a people person.

Duh, I teach yoga and talk about food when I can. 

So, I have some cool stuff to share right before I LEAVE. 



Yes, I’m heading to INDIA for a 2 week yoga retreat with my mentor and teacher Mona Anand from ISHTA yoga (where I trained and continue my studies). I simply said,”YES” when asked,”Would you like to come as an assistant teacher?” Who would say NO? Well, I guess some would. We’re headed to Mumbai, Jaipur, Rajasthan and Goa. I’ll be away from March 18th-31st! Yipee! Spicy food and UV water filtration here I come! 


I teach yoga. I love it, it inspires me and making others FEEL GOOD simply puts a smile on my face. On an exciting note, I’m teaching it more and more. I’ve joined the team at Equinox Fitness and Pilates and More (aside from ISHTA yoga) and am nothing less then thrilled to share the love, passion and a few backbends with new students.


Yup! Photo Credit: (you can find it on my pinterest account!).

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Well, other then the fact that I’ll be dodging malaria and typhoid in India and at the same time embracing the culture, beauty, food, daily yoga and workshops! Perhaps some Indian cuisine will enter this blog, or more on Yoga, but in the meantime:

I wish you all, my lovely followers, a lovely day, and a warm welcome to SPRING in the next few weeks. SEE YOU SOON!

As some of you know, music fuels my soul, it’s in the genetic code if I had to guess. So here’s a few songs that have been inspiring me lately, whether it be for a long run, sitting peacefully and practicing yoga, cooking, or creating a playlist for a class I hope you ENJOY!

Love me some citizen cope. Went to a live concert recently. Awesomeness.

Javier Colon, gorgeous voice, huge talent. Old Cindy Lauper song.

That’s right, Flo Rida and Sia. Going for a Run? This song gets played at least 3 times.

Walela. Found them from my teacher Jean Koerner. Beautiful, Peaceful, perfect for a yoga class.

Foster the People. Just love this song. That’s all I got.

SO, if you’re a fellow blogger, what keeps you INSPIRED?

If you’ LOVE MUSIC, got a favorite song you’d like to share?

-Shanti (Peace)



5 thoughts on “It has been DORMANT.

  1. India is going to be great!

    Also, I’m new to your blog and I love that you love cupcakes too. They’re my weakness. Especially the red velvet kind full of bad red food coloring! Ahh! Enjoy your trip.

    • Hi Lacey!
      I’m happy to have you join in here! Oh yes, cupcakes…huge weakness. Also a fan of enjoying the good things in life. ;-). The trip was amazing and thank you for your kind words and comment!

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  3. Namaste! Congrats on your upcoming trip to India!! I wish you much awakening, enlightenment and happy journeys! Can’t wait to hear about it.

    Right now listening to:
    Happy Track by Delhi 2 Dublin
    Wake Up by The Arcade Fire
    Let It In by Sam Roberts
    Shuffle by Bombay Bicycle Club

    The Top 40 tunes are better for running however–this is where Rihanna (We Found Love); Let it Rain (Marc Anthony), Give Me Everything (Pitbull)…have their role!

    All the best and happy travels,

    • Hi lovely Preena! You are so sweet and Thank You for all your well wishes! I can’t wait to share when I come back. Oh and I’m pretty excited to check out your music! Top 40 tunes….good one! I love each and every song you have on your running list! -Namaste Jen!

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