Arugula Pesto + Brussel Sprout Shreds

It’s like this, you’re either going to reckon this is the oddest food combo and not sure what to think about it (well a twinkie stuffed with meat would be pretty odd)


you’re going to love it and go buy some brussels immediately (brussel haters might even try it!)

(I love how spellcheck doesn’t know what to do with the word twinkie. I think it’s cause it’s an unidentified object). Just sayin.

Anyhoo, I love me some brussel sprout heads and they’re the underdog during this time of the year, I mean you never hear somebody saying (unless you’re me of course) I can’t wait to shovel those brussel sprouts into my mouth. People don’t usually overeat them either. Well,  I’ve overeaten these little bad boys of health. Not pretty. Soooo, don’t do that.

I’ve always wanted to mess around with the sprouts beyond the usual roasting (p.s. roasting is good too, check out this post for a few options). Why not make a happy combo with my two favorite greens? I have been pondering (favorite big word) the thought of shredding the sprouts forever but wasn’t quite sure what to do with them from there.

So, enter a pile of goodness where veggies are the rockstars and the soba noodles are just the backup singers. (Never had Soba? The Kitchn did a good job describing the difference between the Japanese noodles). 

p.s. This recipe is so meant to be played with (like play-dough or silly puddy).


Arugula Pesto & Brussel Sprout Shreds

Serves: (depends on how many soba noodles you make-safely serves 2).

Time: 30 minutes

Equipment: Food processsor


  • 6 or more garlic cloves (heck, the more the merrier)
  • 1/2 cup walnuts
  • 1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil
  • salt
  • 2 cups arugula
  • 1/4 cup parmesan cheese
  • 1 bundle (1 oz.) uncooked soba noodles

For the sprouts:

  • 6 oz bag of whole, uncooked sprouts
  • olive oil (to taste)
  • pepper (optional)



  • Preheat oven to 400 degrees F.
  • Shred brussel sprouts in food processor. Set aside.

    Love me some shreds!

  1. Place whole garlic cloves (unpeeled) on a cookie sheet and roast for 10 minutes. At the same time place 1/2 cup of walnuts on another cookie sheet and roast for 6-7 minutes (nuts are not to be neglected, watch em so they don’t burn!).
  2. Remove both from oven and set aside.

Brussel Sprouts: 

  1. Place on a cookie sheet (once shredded) or jelly roll pan and toss with olive oil and pepper to taste. Roast for 10 minutes to start. Toss halfway through. Add on another 5-10 minutes or so if they haven’t quite cooked. Once done, set aside. (I kept mine in the oven while making the pesto).

I just love this pic of the soba noodles.

For the Noodles:

While the brussels are roastin, place 6 cups of water on the stove and heat on high til it’s boiling. Add the soba noodles and cook for approximately 4-6 minutes. Drain.

For the Pesto: (which can be made in advance).

  1. Add walnuts, arugula, garlic and salt to food processor and whirl it all up til a nice pesto-ey pile forms. As processor is processing, add olive oil.
  2. Scrape the sides and bunch it all up in a bowl, then add parmesan cheese and mix to combine. (take a whiff of the utter goodness).

For the finale:

Plate some noodles on something pretty, add some pesto and twirl with a fork to combine, (alternatively you can just add the pesto and soba noodles in a bowl and combine all like one big happy family) then toss some brussels on top and perhaps a bit more parmesan cheese (truffle oil anyone? just a smidge-omg).



Genius Thoughts (I can’t stop myself):

  • Use that pesto as a pizza topper (do I even need to tell you to add it to the squash pizza?)
  • Use the pesto as a veggie dip.
  • Use the brussels as a side dish (p.s. they’re fun to eat-but you might find some in your hair later). I might even toss some maple syrup on them next time if I serve alone.
  • Try other nuts. Pine Nuts are a traditional pesto maker, almonds or papitas would be fun! Mix your greens and try spinach, maybe a little fresh basil or cilantro (just watch the bitterness factor).

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Are you a fan of pesto? Are you a fan of brussel sprouts? What’s your favorite way to use either? 

29 thoughts on “Arugula Pesto + Brussel Sprout Shreds

  1. So creative, looks great. Here’s the thing though, I don’t think Brussels are underdogs anymore. I think with roasting vrs whatever our mothers did they are so good, almost fry like. Love sobas “are back up singers”.

    • Hey Lauren, ya know what, I think there is a brussel sprout movement as I had a couple of “fry like” ones at a favorite restaurant in Dobbs Ferry (cookery) the other night. But then again, It depends on how they’re made. 😉 I think most meals should have veggies as the “stars” and everything else as the “back up singers.” 😉

  2. Odd combo but I love it! I’m definitely going to have to try this out. I love brussel sprouts, probably my favorite veggie & I’ve definitely over eaten them as well. Your pics look amazing!

  3. I have to say I am not the biggest fan of Brussels sprout , but love how cute they look, does that count? lol! On the other hand my husband loveeeee them so much…I just made soup and used the last one two days ago…got to try this though since I am fan of pesto. By the way I love your clicks.. wishing you awesome day sweetie!!!

    • Hi Sandra! Ok, so I’m obsessed with cute little foods, so you are allowed to obsess over their cuteness factor, I’d say try juicing the little guys but that doesn’t even sound pleasant. Ha. Ooooh love the soup idea. Awesome day is over and wishing you one right back! xxx!

  4. I adore Brussels sprouts when they’re shredded (not so much when they’re whole) and can imagine that, when mixed with arugula pesto and soba noodles, they make a meal of champions. This looks fantastic!

  5. Just gorgeous and I love the soba shot too 🙂 I’ve never shredded brussels sprouts and I’ve never made pesto with roasted garlic before, so you’ve given me two new things to try. And try I will-this looks fantastic!

  6. Hm-m-m-m…Never shredded my brussels! I happen to love them roasted with garlic and olive oil. M-m–m-m-m…melt in your mouth!

    • I’m “veggie-go-lucky” as Nella from (cooking with books blog) has said. ;-). Oh and I’m now a brussel shredder, I think they’ll be making their way into loads of things (burritos, salads, etc.-endless possibilities).

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