WARNING. Do Not Do’s in the New Year.

I just love blurred xmas light photos and I'm here to shed some LIGHT. Pun intended.

Time to toss some serious words of wisdom your way as I’m feeling quite yogic. Straight from the NURU herself. What’s a nuru you ask? Well my yogini friend just called me that. It equates to: nutrition guru DUH.


I think you all know I have a passion for vegetables, oh and helping others feel good. Feel good about YOURSELF that is.

So, If you’re one of those people (you know who you are) who make some absurd resolutions (or just want a laugh or know who you should share this post with), sit back for a moment and put the leftover christmas cookies down (wipe the crumbs off your lap first) and become….ENGLIGHTENED.




That dreaded word. First of all, take a peak at the word DIET. The first three letters are D-I-E. Yup. Now let me be the smarty pants I am and tell you why you shouldn’t do it. Cause this is what happens when you diet: You start out super psyched and motivated. You even pack the fridge or clean the fridge so it’s naked to fit all those fresh pressed juices for your 7 day detox (which I’m not opposed to, but…). Then you lose weight. Then you can’t handle the restrictions anymore and frankly you need a carb. Next thing you know you’re off the diet.  You possibly gain weight back.Then you decide it’s time to try another diet.  Then you come see me cause you need a diet for the diet that didn’t work in the first place. Does this sound vaguely familiar?

This recent article was spot on about setting the right goals. the NYT (New York Times: “The Fat Trap.” I suggest you read it. 

With a third of the U.S. adult population classified as obese, nobody is saying people who already are very overweight should give up on weight loss. Instead, the solution may be to preach a more realistic goal.

p.s. don’t be the AVOIDER.



Yogis believe you are perfect as you are. And the word YOGA means “to yolk” or “union.” In english, this means to connect with who you really are and then….drumroll… “accepting it.” (p.s. if you’re a cat burglar that’s ok to cause you’ll probably keep coming back as a snail)-these are the yoga jokes people. But really, Isn’t there enough self bashing going around? Statistics say that 86 percent of people report the onset of their eating disorder by the age of 20. Sad. It’s exhausting to worry about what you look like all the time and frankly, it’s unnecessary. Happiness is way better! (p.s. this is not meant to be a joke re: those who suffer with Eating disorders).


Goals are good. In fact they’re likely necessary to get you over habits and hurdles to “feeling good.” However, it’s the type of goals (as mentioned from the NYT article) you create that will help you keep your sanity. So expecting yourself to lose the 30 pounds in 2 weeks, train for a triathalon that launches in 1 month when the most physical activity you’ve endured is lifting your finger to change the channel on the remote or type something on your new fabulous iPad does NOT a good goal make.

Oh, and if your idea of energy booster consists of chomping on a snickers bar or having 3 shots of espresso, you’ll need to start with something like “replace daily dose of sugar shock with a veggie.” Need some help? I wrote this article on goal setting and just read my colleague’s (Danielle Omar) 3 Words post. Not a resolution person? Love her thoughts.

Crank Pants Pup


We all know em. There’s likely one person that you high tail it out the door from or screen phone calls cause they suck the blood, I mean are sources of constant negativity for you. The people who look for something bad to say about anything and anyone. Are you that person? Do you want to be that person?

One word: GRATITUDE (will change your attitude-yeah I really just wrote that).

You can’t avoid everyone. BUT, you can change your response to them. It’s that response, or lack of response that will leave you with peace of mind. Also, start giving more then you receive and relish in the moments of others happiness….you set yourself up for joy. And JOY is rooted in… MY BLOG amongst other things (hee hee). Oh, and I found this to be a very informative article on creating positivity. 

Source: Uploaded by user via Joe on Pinterest



Why? Cause it ain’t cool. And frankly can you imagine how you’d be better off by refraining from commenting on that woman’s shoes, that guy’s hair, the homeless person on the street, celebrities, the Kardashians, the choices a friend has made in their career path yadayadayadayada I can go on and on with this one. We all do it, some more then others. But take a moment and reflect on something you’ve done lately that might’ve been JUDGE-EE.

“Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.”

 Carl Gustav Jung quotes

So, tell me how do you FEEL after reading this and what are you going to do or NOT do in 2012? 

p.s. if you do have awesome resolutions, share them!


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Namaste and Have a Happy Healthy New Year! -Jen


32 thoughts on “WARNING. Do Not Do’s in the New Year.

  1. I love this post. I started the new year on a ‘duet’ and I was really grumpy doing it. Almost rebellious too. I’m done. Its just not in my character to talk diet, but I do appreciate what it did for me. I am a lifestyle person, not a diet person.

    Your words on positivity, gratitude, & attitude are RIGHT ON. Everyone should read this post!!


    • Hey Aggie! Thank You so much for the kind words. Sorry that “duet” didn’t workout for you but it’s great that you recognized what DOES work for you. ;-). You’re so sweet. I’m happiest making others feel good.

  2. I love the idea of setting realistic goals, but still setting goals. And when I stopped worrying about how I looked and concentrated mor eon how I felt, I had way more motivation to eat better!

    And I love the word nuru!

    • Hi Michelle I love your response, especially concentrating on how you “feel” vs. how you “look.” Well said and happy to hear it! Thank you for sharing and yup, Nuru is not a word I’m going to stop using anytime soon. Ha! 😉

    • Hello Preena! You are just so sweet and I am so thankful for your nomination. What a nice gesture and it’s much appreciated. Here’s to 2012. I hope it brings you love, light and peace (oh and good food). 😉 -Jen

  3. Great advice. Ilost 18 kilos (almost 3 stones) in 2011 by eating healthy following the Mediterranean Diet and hope to continue my efforts in 2012. May the New Year be the most brightest! With best wishes to you and your family!!!((♥))”

    • Ivy that is just amazing I am so happy for you! The Mediterranean Diet is amazingly healthful and you WILL continue your efforts in 2012. Love and light, peace and joy, and good food for the new year! 😉 hee hee.

  4. I don’t have any New Years resolutions on Diet only to continue with the lifestyle change I made back in October – It has really made a difference to my life. I now try to stick to a Lactose and Gluten free regime. My IBS and bloating has gone, along with my headaches. My inflamation levels have reduced significantly and I can now walk up and down stairs. I’ve lost 10lb without trying.
    My tip for 2012 would be to “Eat your Way to Health”

    • “Lifestyle Change” and “Eat your Way to Health” are two phrases I couldn’t have said better myself piglet! IBS usually responds to lactose free and gluten free and it’s so fantastic that you are feeling better from doing exactly that and taking charge of your own health. 10 pounds! What a feat! I wish you nothing less then continued health and feeling “good” in 2012! Oh, and Happy Happy New Year to you as well! 😉

      • The moment I removed the word “Diet” it changed my mindset. HAve you nocticed how colourful fruit and vegetables are when they are all group together? This year I want to gradually remove Red meat from my diet. Do you think this is a good idea?

        • Amazing! And you’re proof that it helps to remove that pesky word. Well, as Ivy commented, the mediterranean diet is a way of life, not an actual diet prescription so sometimes the word serves a purpose. That’s why I never liked the title “diet-tian.” So I think I’ll hang onto “nuru” or yoga-nut” (get it? lol). Fruits and veggies have such amazing colors and in my opinion, having a colorful plate full of healthy foods is part of the trick to eating well. Who wants to eat a plate full of “tan colored” foods? Regarding the red meat…I’d say it’s a personal choice. Are you removing all meat, or just red? If there’s a specific health reason, that’s one thing (i.e. you mentioned having had high levels of inflammation). Meat isn’t the only culprit in diets, but I think you know that one. 😉

          • Hi,
            I have not removed meat from my diet. I have reduced the consumption of red meat to once a week because it is more fatty and as I undersstand harder to digest? I eat chicken or turkey a couple of times a week and as much fish as possible. I also have a veggie day once a week (Mr Piglet is not to keen on this) ie just pulses and veg. Nothing is cast in stone and I try to be flexible. At the end of the day my condition is not life-threatening so if we are out for a meal and I eat lactose or wheat I go with the flow if there is no other option. Yes, I pay the price later, but I sometimes I ahve to say “what the hell” to b socialable. That’s not to say I would hve a McDonalds or Ieecream…I am talking about a healthy lapse – just not healthy to me.

            Quick question. Does eating tomatoes, normal potatoes and aubergines aggravate imflammtory levels? There seems to be mixed reviews. I know if I eat tomatoes ie toma tomato based sauce for my evening meal such as in spag bol – it gives me wicked heartburn.

    • Thank You Sandra! And also a big thank you for being my most frequent “commenter” on my blog in 2011! Cheers to you and your support and encouragement. I expect nothing but good things and spreading the joy in 2012.

  5. Love the Nuru, that was awesome! First off, thank you for this post, it really highlighted a few things for me. Honestly, I am still trying to figure out what changes I planned on making for 2012, I don’t do resolutions. I actually wrote last night somewhere, I want to be happier about me, take care of me in 2012. I noticed when I got sad last year, nutrition, exercise went out the window. I miss my intense yoga workouts, and my only eating when I am hungry (Listening to what my body wants, not what I want.) I read Geneen Roth’s book Women Food and God, was excellent for me. I am a yogi, but a beginner, I still don’t completely love me. Seriously, thank you for your post, I am sharing it, especially with my hubby! Love and Hugs! Namaste Terra

    • Your intentions are good Terra and “taking care of me” is perfect. Keeping a positive mindset isn’t always easy. Think of all the negativity and self bashing as just “thoughts” and let yourself go through the emotions and feelings and maybe even laugh at your thoughts because they are NOT what actually makes you who you are. The self bashing is so easy to do and loving yourself is not sometimes. Funny how that works. You can be a beginner yogi! ;-). I don’t know that book, but I’m reading a Path With a Heart by Jack Kornfield right now, it’s a great read. I’m delighted that you enjoyed reading this and even more that it perhaps sent some positive light your way! Namaste and Love, Light and Hugs right back!

  6. Thanks for the shout out, Jen! I love the idea of NOT-DOs in 2012. I am going to focus on NOT beating myself up over things I don’t know how to do. Wishing you the very best of health, wealth and good cheer in 2012! xoxo

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