5 Kitchen Gadgets that add flavor, not fat.

 Add FLAVOR, not FAT to your FOOD!

Anyway, there also likely exists a stash of misfit gadgets hidden in the back drawer somewhere never to be found again (unless you are moving…then stunningly find something like a pickle picker that you got as a stocking stuffer from a holiday grab bag).

Can someone explain to me why one needs a pickle picker?

So, I know that salt shaker accidently “spills” itself onto your brussel sprouts (or maple syrup, in case you’re an elf) and the butter somehow made it into your bowl of oatmeal, but truth is adding flavor doesn’t have to include things that add onto your hips.

So make a list, iPhone note, or write on your hand with a sharpie so you don’t forget…or if you already have some of these things make sure they’re accessible, or perhaps a stocking stuffer or lil treat to “self” is in order. Yup, I need an emersion blender ( I repeat, need..hint hint secret santa).


1. Microplane Zester

BUY: I love this one and Sur La Table has endless choices but I use this one. 

Cardomon ready to be grated

USE IT: It doesn’t stop at lemons. I use my grater to spice up my life (literally) with fresh nutmeg, cinnamon stix, dark chocolate, orange peels, parmesan cheese and of course other citrus fruits. I think I can find a reason to grate most things (well, not yogurt), but instead of adding heaps of cheese to your dish, use a really good parmesan and grate it on top of a salad, pasta dish or anything else. That way you add loads of flavor but not loads of fat. Also grate dark chocolate into a cup of joe, on top of a smoothie like my butternut squash smoothie or add a lil dark chocolate over your oatmeal. Sound good?

2. Pepper Mill

BUY: This one was given to me as a gift, and frankly, I love it! A bit pricey (thank you gift giver!) but worth the purchase.

USE IT: Grind your own, trust me the flavor of freshly milled pepper is worth a sneeze or two and the flavor is definitely bursting vs. the canned stuff. Get some good pepper and put it on everything! The spicier the better in my opinion. Sweat while you eat, why not?! I did a little research and found Penzy’s online store, spiceworld  or Mountain Rose Herbs for the best spices.

Grinding Flax seeds in that Coffee Grinder

3. Spice Grinder/Coffee Grinder

BUY: I don’t know that the spice and nutmeg grinder is necessary, but here’s an option, also try that coffee grinder like I mentioned (check out the krups one on my store.)

USE IT: I use my coffee grinder(s). But guess what? Fun fact alert! You can grind more then those caffeinated beans that keep you bouncing off the walls cause you’re tired all the time. Think flaxseeds (they need to be ground anyway to ultimately be digested-think corn), oats (to make a fine flour, or other grains), nuts (so you can make the topping to this apple pie I made) and more! I’ll bet you didn’t know that you can grind a vanilla bean and make vanilla powder (use in place of vanilla extract). Or make your own spice blends. Here’s an amazing resource. 

4. Citrus Juicer or Reamer

BUY: Try Amazon (obviously my fav place) or I’ll bet your local grocery store has that reamer (Sur La Table makes a fancy pants one).

USE IT:  (p.s. I didn’t make up the word reamer). Lemons, oranges, and limes are all natural flavor enhancers that can realistically be splashed on or into anything (not a vodka soda). Instead, think of citrus salad dressings, squeezing some orange or pomegranate juice into seltzer like I did here or make your bean dish superb with lemons!

5. Garlic Press

BUY: Love my Rosle press that was another gift (I obviously receive food related presents) from Sur La Table. And if I’m being honest, a press isn’t necessary but I do use it. For fun with garlic you can watch this video on “How to peel garlic in less then 10 seconds.” Who knew?

USE IT: Everything’s better with butter, we know that already, but the doc told you to cut the crap (literally) so roast it, chop it, sqeeze it, eat it raw, it adds humongo flavor (perhaps a little stink, but good stink). Who needs butta? I like to roast the garlic then make the amazing lime/garlic salad dressing (yet another use for that reamer) or smash it on top of some toast along with a bit of ricotta and drizzled honey. OMG.

Oh and here’s some fun NEWS. I now have an AMAZON STORE and all the above can be bought from yours truly, me! Support my trip to India anyone? Kidding. Nope, not kidding.


Now, tell me what you’re must have or go-to kitchen gadget is and how you use that puppy or how you add flavor to your food.

Cheers and Namaste and all that good stuff!



16 thoughts on “5 Kitchen Gadgets that add flavor, not fat.

  1. You are right about the coffee grinder. The only thing in my kitchen that gets used more than the coffee grinder is the coffee maker. The other thing I have in my kitchen that I love is my mortar and pestle. Anything spices we can buy whole and grind down we do.

  2. Congrats on the Amazon store! I will definitely check it out. Great post. I absolutely love my microplane and citrus juicer. Thanks for digging up those spice resources… I was actually on the prowl for spice websites. Have a great weekend, Jen!

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