Bloggaversary and my first Giveaway


So, it’s been quite the YEAR. 

I can’t believe I’ve made it through a year of blogging. Woot to that!

So a recap: It’s been a year of:

  • Spell checks (which probably led to more spell checks)
  • Writing and re-writing..then re-writing the re-write
  • Deleting. Usually that was permanent. But the good old Macbook gives me the command Z option when one screws it up.
  • Wondering whether or not to hit PUBLISH on that post you thought might send others straight away from the blog. Then hitting Publish and having an immediate panic attack. Take me as I am, or leave me, that’s my new motto.
  • Questioning goals, life, etc. (I think that’s pretty normal).
  • Pondering whether or not to keep blogging. I went through a blog “break-down” at some point, I think it was when I was posting more then 3 up to 5 times a week.( Now wonder I was going to throw my spatula out the window!)
THEN, after all of that, why do I still blog? Well, because of all of YOU and because I love it. The moments that my mind goes blank, or I think I lack ideas, I somehow find inspiration whether it be through a comment left, or one of my favorite food bloggers and their encouragement.

Or because all of YOU my dear lovelies, you keep me going.

p.s. not that you can shut my trap up anytime soon. Ha.

THANK YOU for making me feel loved, allowing me to obsess over food, health, more food, now yoga…and laughing with me or even at me (after all, it’s best to be able to laugh at one self, especially when it’s a snort laugh).

So, what’s up for grabs here? Well, if you caught a glimpse of the Granola Globes (I can’t stop saying that) then you’ll know there was an ingredient that I love. SPELT FLAKES. I’ve used them a few times here, and they’re a great grain (yup,I really typed that). I might even toss in another bonus to the winner, not sure yet.

I’m cool like that.

Here’s the details and what you should get a move on doing. I will be using the Random Generator to choose the winner. 

So how do you enter? Select one or more of the entry options below. Leave a separate comment for each entry. A winner will be selected at random next Wednesday, November 2nd by 12 pm EST.

  1. Entry method: Fill out the form below so that I have a way of contacting you. (p.s. this is private information and your personal email will not be shared with others).

THEN, Just leave me a comment below. Yes, it’s that simple! Perhaps you’ll answer this,”What has been the most memorable moment this past year? (whether you’re a blogger or just have something to share). Or just a friendly comment, why you love me (kidding?!), why you want to win, or just a Howdy!

2. Like my facebook page Help me go beyond 500 on Facebook. Why? Why not really? There’s a pretty cool bunch of folks hanging out over there.
3. Share about this contest on Twitter and follow me, Facebook, your blog, etc. Make sure you leave a comment here with a link to your post. Each time you leave a comment, you gain an additional chance to win.
4. Well, I hope you already subscribe, but if you don’t, that’s okay. No strings attached. But if you decide to, you should leave a comment for an additional chance to win. 😉

NOTE: This giveaway is a personal undertaking. Why? Cause I want you to try Spelt. Ha. Well, really it’s just fun. Nobody but my lonesome is involved, sponsors, affiliates, or the Eden brand. (I should let them know though eh?). 

SO, I hope you have enjoyed a year of blogging, my free love, lots of food chat, and other stuff that has hopefully had you salivating over a beet, starting an exercise routine, or simply inspired you in some way. 

Good Luck!



64 thoughts on “Bloggaversary and my first Giveaway

    • Hi Sandra! Another one of my guest bloggers. You are always so positive and sweet, you truly helped me out when I was on hiatus. A genuine person with a big heart you are. You do follow me everywhere, bonus! 😉

  1. The last time I won something, I was about 10. It was at a bizarre in some school basement, and my name was drawn to win this lamp that had a plastic van on the base. I thought it was super cool, as the side door to the van opened (no windows but in the front and back… this was the 70s after all) and I used to stash my most prized belongings in there. For several years it held a two dollar bill and a bicentennial quarter that I had flattened when the liberty train road through my town. So, I just have to be upfront that the spelt will be the second coolest thing I ever won.

    Happy blogaversary… blog on!

    • Ok Annie, that story just made me smile from ear to ear. It’s the simple things that we sometimes treasure, I won a jar of candy corns at a Halloween fair one year and thought it was the best moment ever. I think we had to throw them out cause when I say jar, I mean tub. Ha. To me, spelt is just as exciting and thank you for commenting and I will continue to blog on. 😉

  2. I was so happy to find your blog, and I’ve already been a liker of your FB page. I have one of those kiddies that has to watch what he eats..or in other words, I have to watch. Keep all the lovely ideas coming. Spelt flakes..hmmm…well I do like spelt bread. Have an amazing weekend…Roberta

    • Hi Roberta,
      Sounds like you’re managing with what your child eats, which can’t be easy. Spelt bread is pretty good stuff, but you’re going to like these flakes more. Happy to have you here and thank you! You have an amazing weekend yourself! I got snowed in, now going for that run I missed out on yesterday. 😉

  3. Jen, You have done a terrific job of A Girl and her Carrot. Keep up the good work! We look forward to all your recipes and comments!

    • Hi my friend. You are by far one of my biggest fans. You’ve been nothing but supportive, fun and chatty when I was feeling chatty on twitter. You are just such a sweetheart and amazing cook. Thank you for your constant enthusiasm and support.

    • Hi Kate!
      Well you have quite a few chances at winning now don’t ya? 😉 You’ve also been a big supporter of mine and I love that we’ve connected here on my blog, your blog, twitter and facebook. I think we’re officially friends. 😉

  4. I love using spelt flakes! They are a great addition to any baked goods or granola. Congrats on the one year anniversary! My most memorable memory was spending time in Italy this summer with my family. I will remember that trip forever!

    • Hi Danielle,
      Wow, a trip to Italy is definitely something to remember and be thankful for. I have to say that that was my most memorable memory of last Summer, before I even started blogging. Dear Italy, I heart you, your pizza, your wine and your cheese…;-)

  5. I have been “secretely” reading your blog for some time and I really enjoy it! Ain´t it fun y how quickly this year went by? It was certainly filled with a lot of excitement for me!

    • Hi Lenna!
      Well, I’m happy that it’s not a secret any longer and love that you’ve seen me through a year of blogging. My how things have changed, especially once I got my first DSLR camera. 😉 I appreciate your support and thank you for commenting!

  6. Yum!!!! I tried splet once in bread, and really enjoyed it:-) This sounds delish!!! This past year, the most memorable is all the virtual friends I have made, everyone is amazing:-) Happy Blogaversary! Hugs, Terra

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