Guest Post-Fresh Juice anyone?

Green, Fresh and Delicious!


I invited Junia, whose blog struck me with the photos of healthy foods and recipes right away. Junia and I crossed paths via Foodbuzz and have been connected ever since! I am delighted to share one of her recipes here which I think you’ll all enjoy.


(I personally luv it and should dust off my juicer)

  • You all know I want you to eat a vegetable or two or three and juicing can squeeze (pun intended) a bunch into one glass.
  • I don’t recommend it necessarily for anything specific, but the health benefits are pretty fantastic-I mean it’s fruit and veggies!
  • It’s great for those of you who can’t stand to chew vegetables (sigh) but some of you just can’t or won’t take the time to cook, chomp, or chew carrots, peppers or brussels.
  • Digestion: Yes, some have a difficult time with digestion for many reasons IBS might be one of them and roughage from raw vegetables might not settle to well. Fresh juices tend to be digested easily, the only thing you miss out on is all the fiber from the skins, but hopefully you’re getting that elsewhere.


Hi everyone! My name is Junia from Mis Pensamientos! and I am so excited to guest post for Jennifer’s blog! We are so similar in terms of our love for healthy weird foods and our passion for clean nutritious eating.  We even adore mini-coopers, and are fellow Foodbuzz publishers.

Crazy how we can find such similar people in this world! 🙂

Today I am thrilled to share about my daily passion of veggie juicing.  I had been dealing with some chronic digestive issues for a couple of years and one of my friends suggested buying a juicer.  Just last year after receiving a giftcard to a local store, I bought my first juicer (nearly free!) and I made my first ever veggie juice.  I started to see immediate, dramatic effects in my body and my skin.  Within a day, I noticed that my digestion had normalized!  I had more energy to be active and even my skin began to glow.  I still get comments about this “glow” and I can honestly say that it is because of the nourishing benefits of juicing.  Ever since, it has been my daily habit to drink at least one a day. 🙂

Pear Apple Ginger! See recipe on Junia's blog!

Vegetable juicing works wonders because it infuses your entire body with essential vitamins and minerals without having to go through the laborious digestive process of breaking down your food.  Depending on what your body needs, you can mix and match various types of vegetables!  I always have a handful of leafy greens such as romaine, green leaf lettuce, or kale.  I also like to add in an extra root vegetable like ginger, carrots, or beets since they are quite nutrient dense.  To make it more palatable, I usually add in a fruit for sweetness like a grapefruit or an apple.  If I’m feeling under the weather, I love to freshly press Valencia oranges and my symptoms dissipate within a day or so.

It is my go-to medicine for everything.  It seriously works wonders. 🙂

Tips/Purchasing a Juicer:

I use the Breville Juice Fountain Elite, which has been great in terms of getting the most juice out of my veggies!  The only real difference you will see is how much juice is pressed between the various models. So if you are thinking about juicing every day, the more expensive one is definitely worth it. I hope you all explore the art of veggie juicing soon!

Jen’s input here: There are a few different types of juicers including Centrifuging, Masticating, Twin Gear, and Main Electric. No idea what I’m talkin about? Here’s a very helpful link that will tell it all. I use the Omega 1000 original juicer.

You can check out all of Junia’s healthy inspirations and delicious recipes on her blog at!



Serves: 1


  • 1 red anjou pear
  • handful of green kale
  • handful of parsley
  • 3 stalks of celery
  • 1 lemon with peel


Juice it all! Don’t peel anything, perhaps chop thing up so that they fit into the tube.

 One of my spontaneous green juice recipes. Hope you enjoy!





21 thoughts on “Guest Post-Fresh Juice anyone?

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  5. What a lovely combination, great photos!!! I have to check her blog..I love adding beets (kind of tricking kids in a good way :))
    Awesome guest post, thanks Jen for sharing her with us, and nice to meet you Junia!

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  7. I’m a juice freak after reading Dr. Junger’s Clean detox book. My juicer is always around; I love combining fruits-veggies-herbs and always add a peeled lime and a piece of ginger. I’ve even juiced broccoli & cabbage, always mixing w sweet fruits like pineapple or apple. I created a tumblr blog to upload my juice photos, thats how much I love it 🙂 great post, Jennifer!

    • Hey Yuri!
      I know you’re a juice freak (freaks unite!). Peeled lime and a hunk of ginger oh what a delight! I’m going to have to check out your tumblr blog and take a peak, feel free to share that link here!

  8. I’m sure this is delicious (I trust you both), but that neon green color kinda scares me off a bit.

    I’ll have to give it a shot, though, to see for myself.

    Thanks, as always!

    • Do I sense an excuse to buy a juicer? Check out the link I posted on buying a juicer. I linked to Junia’s breville brand and another great resource. I worked at a health food store when I bought mine and was lucky to get an employee discount. Do you know someone? ha!

  9. I love juicing too!! Sometimes I get lazy though, as it is a lot of work to clean the juicer.

    I’ve heard if the pulp is still watery, to juice the pulp again to maximize the most you can get out of the fruits and veggies!!

    Great post!

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