GET Healthy… Starting NOW Part II


In case you missed PART I of this series->CLICK HERE!

Let’s DIG IN! I’m actually NERDILY excited about all the fun things I shared in this post!

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BALANCE is the KEY to HAPPINESS-Don't even ask how I got these POMS to stick.


PROBLEM:  If you are left to your own devices wandering around searching for food at lunchtime and you’re about to eat your arm or find that bag of nachos appealing you are in a position of being DOOMED. Fly by the seat of your pants and eat donuts on the run, fake McNugget somethins at lunch with a side of a “muffin top maker” milkshake is NOT good for your future.


  • PLAN PLAN and then PLAN some more (Printable menu planners HERE!). If one of your goals is to start eating healthier, don’t make it so vague, make it measurable. Try something like,”I am going to cook twice a week for one month.”
  • THEN find recipes, make a grocery LIST (I know mallomars somehow make their way into your shopping cart but DON’T go shopping HUNGRY and stick to that LIST!).
  • Need further help? Don’t worry I’m working on a BIG project but in the meantime Jane Maynard’s site will help you plan weekly meals!
  • Pack your breakfast, lunch, dinner, all of the above or even just snacks (CLICK HERE FOR SNACK ideas) so that you aren’t a HOT MESS waiting to scarf down that office party cheesecake.


PROBLEM: Got Cotton mouth? I think a majority of us are walking around dehydrated but the 10th cup of coffee still seems to manage its way into our mouths.If the thought of plain water is as exciting as white rice, read THIS-Water Beyond the TAP!

STRATEGY: Keep a stainless steel bottle with you (Green Living/Eco friendly). Klean Kanteen is my new favorite BRAND! Cute and user-friendly.

  • Refill a 16 oz bottle it at least twice a day for starters! If you drink nothin but coffee and soda (horror!-tweet me later and we’ll chat about this) replace at least one or two cups with water.
  • Add more water at a slow pace, not all at once. You didn’t have all those cavities filled in one shot, so don’t start drinking 3 liters a day if you were drinking 4 oz a day.
  • COMPLETELY CLUELESS as to how much to drink? FUN little Calculator at this site! Take a quick quiz and it will tell you how much water you should be drinking daily!


Love my PINK Kanteen!


PROBLEM: STOP watching TV, playing video games, texting, words with friends-ing, tweeting and whatever else it is we do when we’re supposed to be eating and ENJOYING your food! Our society is on overload with technology and I’m pretty sure we’re all shoving food down our pie holes and completely losing site of how much you just ate.

STRATEGY: Chances are that food has no chance at even being tasted if you’re inhaling it in five minutes.

  • Eating til it HURTS is NOT a good idea. SLOW DOWN!
  • Have no idea if you’re full or not? READ THIS: IS your APPETITE making you HUNGRY?
  • The more time you take to eat and enjoy your food and truly be in the moment (oh and actually put the fork down!), the less you may eat and be able to recognize when you’re full.

Didn’t you mom teach you to BITE and CHEW?

Time yourself ONCE to see how FAST you’re eating.



PROBLEM: I know, easier said then done. BUT sleeping for a minimum of 8 hours a night has been proven to aid in weight management and you’ll feel GOOD and HAPPY! If you think I’m crazy and that amount of sleep is impossible, I get it, but at least try somethin!

STRATEGY: Here’s an article on 6 tips for sound sleep by

  • Try warm milk or even a handful of nuts at night (yup, wives tale? I think not-the magnesium in milk and nuts helps you relax)
  • Avoid caffeine in the afternoon…If you’re hands are shakin you probably had more than one cup of joe, time for green tea!
  • Dodge NEWS or any other stimulus such as the computer at least 2 hours before bed


PROBLEM: I refuse to be preachy, but you know who you are if you aren’t exercising at ALL, a LITTLE, or LOTS.

STRATEGY: Find something you ENJOY!

  • Make sure you update that iPOD with tunes! Gaga anyone?
  • You’re a morning person? Wake up 20 minutes earlier (even sleep in your gym clothes?!-or at least have them by your bedside and ready to go).
  • You HATE cardio machines? Nobody said you can’t go for a walk outside! Find a BUDDY and GO!
  • FIND A TRAIL where you LIVE with this cool site!
  • The minimum guidelines for exercise according to the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) for healthy adults under 65 years old:

150 MINUTES OF CARDIO/WEEK (think 30 mins x 5 days).


Need some help in the EXERCISE category? Here’s an article that will help differentiate between what types of exercises you need.

My INGREDIENTS for exercise. PINK ALERT!!!






18 thoughts on “GET Healthy… Starting NOW Part II

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  3. I used to not drink water until I was diagnozed with stones in the kidneys. Now I always carry along an 18 oz bottle of water and drink 2 – 3 bottles a day. Those bottles are really beautiful but quite expensive to ship to Greece.

    • Oh kidney stones! You poor thing. At least something good came out of it. I’m happy to hear you are drinking plenty of fluids! I could see how those bottles are expensive. Are you in Greece now! Oh how nice, I really need to get there one day! Dimitri has family in Athens.

    • Hey Carrie!
      Ha! Love it! Hope you found a new link or have just become obsessed with me today. 😉 Just saw your blog! You also had a very motivational post there! Thanks for the kind compliment!

  4. Ok. Sleeping in my gym clothes. THAT is a fabulous idea! I just got a 20oz nalgene for Christmas – BPA free 🙂 – from my boyfriend, he always told me I wasn’t drinking enough H20. But now, having that thing full of water and sitting next to me at my desk all day is all I needed to get me hydrated. That is a great tip!

    • You had me laughing Lauren! Listen, I might be a bit odd sleepin in the gym clothes or at least setting them next to the bed, but it works! I will find whatever works for anyone? Make sure it’s a cute outfit though ;-). Love that the boyfriend looked out for your health, I can’t miss my PINK kanteen! It follows me, I swear.

  5. Great post! I love all the tips and links. I am quite a health nerd myself, and am currently working on drinking more water, it’s so easy to forget! I’ve realized it’s a great 3-in-1! It’s a break from staring at a computer, a nice walk to refill my bottle, and of course hydration!

    • Thank You! Glad you like it and found it helpful! Love nerds! I’m going to have to say that the MAJORITY forget to drink enough water but the whole 8-8oz glasses a day doesn’t necessarily hold true for everyone. If you ever FEEL thirsty, DRINK something. SIMPLE TIP! Love that you found 3-in-1! That should probably be a post in on its own “Stop STARING at your COMPUTER and MOVE!.” 😉

  6. Great tips..I wish I drink more water and to sleep longer. I drink about..don’t get mad now:)) ..about 2-3 cups a day and sometimes V8, I am forgetting to drink water, and mostly sleeping less than 5 h a day, and no naps over here! Those are really awesome tips, I will try to use them wisely!

    • Sandra! You are too much, I don’t get MAD LOL! Remember I”m NOT the food police, just here to HELP. 😉 Since you said you WANT and not SHOULD that’s a great way to start because you’re motivated. Perhaps choose two things to start with. 2-3 cups a day is not bad so to improve upon it I’d either make a schedule (such as drink water at every meal then between meals) or keep a bottle handy, as I mentioned and fill it up twice. SLEEP takes time to improve upon. Find the reasoning behind the lack of sleep and see if there are small changes you can make! Gradually of course. Thank you so much for sharing!!!

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