Yes I eat Pizza. NEW Q & A


I’ve had some readers ask or comment with things like:

“Do you expect me to start eating tofu or stop eating pizza?”

“Cause I can’t give up pizza.”

My CARROT INBOX fills up with questions like this and I LOVE IT! Cause I’m a bit CHATTY and I have nothing goin on. Kidding.

Actually, I needed a break from the kitchen, somebody made a mess in there!?

While I don’t expect anyone to give up anything, I do want to push YOU past the comfort zone of foods such as: Brown rice, Pasta, Captain Crunch cereal, Lean cuisines, and Ramen noodles.

But I assume you’re here for hopefully more than one reason:

  • You’re BORED of those foods!
  • You just like me (sweet)
  • You want to COOK, even a little
  • The thought of one more can of Chef Boyardee Spaghettios (Oh my god I ate those as a kid! Used to fight over the meatballs with my brother!) might lead you to insanity or the doctor (what’s in that stuff?).

I’ve decided to embark on a new series, that might become videos, not sure yet.

And I expect that while you’re reading or listening…

My JEDI mind tricks will make you WANT to try something new,


ask another question cause you’re still completely perplexed as to why you should eat  SPELT (click here for yummy recipe!).

Enticing picture using SPELT....

On a positive note, I don’t expect you to try SPELT, because if you’ve noticed, I make some pretty traditional recipes, I just add my personal fairy dust to them.

Oh, and I like pizza just like the next person, but eating pizza every day is NOT an option.

Pizza from Ben's in Soho and Scary close-up?!


So feel free to ask a question OR in the COMMENT section of this post!


Q1: Do you eat REAL food or just foods like tofu, soybeans, sprouts and beans?

A1: YES, I eat real food, but my version of real food might be different from yours.

  • REAL food to me means WHOLE FOODS (NOT the grocery store folks, though I’m obsessed with Whole Foods). Whole foods are those that come in their most natural form. Foods that look like what they are supposed to.

Fruit Loops aren’t FRUIT and Fig Newton’s aren’t just FIGS. You get my point right?


Ummmm, NOT REAL food.

  • While I enjoy the occasional treat (I have a sweet tooth, not so much salty), I believe all foods can and should be ENJOYED!
  • Life’s too short to follow a list of GOOD and BAD foods.
  • Yes, eating cheesecake all day is sort of BAD but we already know that. If you eat REALLY good foods (yes I’m referring to fruits, veggies, grains) than you might be surprised at the loss of some of those cravings for junky, crappy foods.
  • However, if you read my BIO you already know that I eat the cookie, cupcake or pizza when I want it! Otherwise you might set yourself up for the feeling of deprivation, then secretly shovel food down your throat when nobody is looking.
  • I don’t expect you to do an extreme makeover. Remember that super BAD haircut you got (we all had at least one) and how it took at least a few months if not a year to grow back? Well changes take TIME and I don’t believe in one size fits all (which by the way, one size NEVER fits all).


  • Try eating foods that don’t have LONG ingredient lists attached to them for starters.
  • READ CSPI’s Ten WORST Foods, also read Anne Marie Colbin’s article on “Why Should we Eat Whole Foods?” .  She’s a true pioneer in the field and the founder of the Natural Gourmet Institute (where I often take classes).
  • If you’re dying to have that slice of pizza, cookie or mac n cheese, eat it, then move on!
  • If you JUST ate and probably aren’t hungry…READ THIS (CLICK)
  • Always set realistic goals. Iron Man is probably not realistic for someone who can’t get off the couch to make an omelette. Need help setting goals? READ THIS (CLICK).

So until next time….ENJOY YOUR FOOD!


How do you dodge the doritos or simply enjoy a treat?


11 thoughts on “Yes I eat Pizza. NEW Q & A

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  2. Great post! I’m right there with you – all about real food, but not about deprivation. I’ve found that junk food cravings go out the door when I eat quality food (i.e., no processed foods, vegetable oils, etc.) – I think wholesome foods satisfy, so my body doesn’t need to ask for more 🙂

    Oh, and spelt is the best – you’re so right!

    • Hi Jennifer!
      So glad to hear you’re on the same page. I write this as I just took a bite of a piece of dark chocolate from V-day. Ha! Thanks for sharing the fact that you’ve had success with the “cravings” dwindling or being non-existant since eating wholesome foods. I’ve got a warm farro recipe coming soon that I’m sure you’ll love.

  3. Great post!…and exactly the reason I started my blog in the first place. I used to get the same questions from the people I worked with. They made the assumption that I lived on scary, tasteless, unfamilar foods they’d never in a million years want to eat. A little education and a commitment to at least trying new things goes a long way. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Hey there my friend! Thank You! Good points, I would have to say the simple pleasure I receive from answering questions was part of why I started blogging. I think that impression of “scary and tasteless weird foods” has left the building. Ha! I’ve even got family members who are trying my recipes, they truly thought I ate sprouts and beans. Baby steps people, baby steps. I won’t force okra down your throat. Haha!

    • Hey Michele!
      Thank You! I have to agree, answering questions is a huge part of what I do and who wants to TELL people what to do? Not I! Glad you AND I have proven others wrong! I mean I’d be a hot mess if I only ate sprouts and beans! I won’t push okra in your mouth (although I love that odd shaped pickle looking veggie), but at least try it! I promise to make it look pretty, which is half the battle. 🙂

  4. ahhhh i’m all about green eating too! veggies, fruits, whole grains, nuts and seeds! i love my food -raw, soaked, steamed, or baked- with minimal oil and salt!

    but i do indulge every once in awhile in a vegan baked good i make in the kitchen. 🙂

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