Bored with tuna? Try A Very VEGGIE sandwich!



Lunch is not my favorite meal. I’m never jumping around like a mexican jumping bean at lunch time the way I do at dinner or breakfast (Click here for a favorite Breakfast!-French Toastwich). But, you’ve got to feed that belly if you’re going to have any sort of energy and dodge slumping over your desk by 3pm. Speaking of which, read THIS for 3 pm snack time! If one of your goals is to pack your own lunch, this is nearly effortless and one of the most palatable sandwiches you’ll create! Oh, and there is a dual purpose to one of the fillings! Oh JOY!

Serves: 1

Time: (20 minutes for hummus + sandwich assembly)


  • Sweet Potato Hummus (CLICK HERE-Yes, MAKE YOUR OWN!)
  • 2 slices of bread (whatever you desire, I love Ezekiel, Spelt, or whole grain anything).
  • 1-2 slices roasted red peppers (jarred).
  • Avocado, a few slices.
  • Arugula, small handful (Or any other leafy green or sprouts).
  • Sriracha (optional hot sauce-I like it spicy!!!).

Assembly Methods:

1. Start by making that sweet potato hummus (CLICK HERE for recipe). Good news is you have hummus for the week! Use if for snack time with raw veggies!

2. Slice the bread in half (if a roll), spread hummus on one side (about 2 tablespoons worth), layer with peppers, a couple of slices of avocado, your green leafy’s and sriracha.

Roasted Red Pepps!

Spicy Sriracha! Not too much!

3. That’s IT, lunch is served! ENJOY!

Chefs Tips:

  • Store the hummus for a week and try spreading it on boston head lettuce leaves for a quick snack!
  • Add roasted red peppers to the hummus versus sweet potatoes if you like.
  • Toast the bread for a warm sandwich and perhaps add a slice of cheese, like mozzarella.

Have you made your own hummus yet? Any additions or other flavors you’ve tried?

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Thanks to FOODBUZZ for featuring this recipe as TOP 9!


31 thoughts on “Bored with tuna? Try A Very VEGGIE sandwich!

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    • Hi Sumner!
      Love meeting fellow RD’s with the same philosophy as mine! This is a NO DIET zone! Great site you have. I’ll check back often. Is it wrong that I want to try your bloody mary? :-). That ginger dip looks great! I’ll have to try it.

  3. I love making my own hummus just never do. There’s no excuse other than my habit of picking up the roasted red pepper variety from the grocery store.
    I love the look of that sammy. Great job!

    • Thanks so much Joanne! Dish washing can be an excuse, sometimes LOL. I hate washing the dishes afterwards but I love my food processor! I think I was just motivated to find a publisher for my cookbook! Thanks for stopping by! Let me know if you try the recipe!

  4. Yum, I’m not a big lunch person either, but a sandwich like that would make me change my mind! I love that you used sweet potato hummus! I will have to get going and make that sometime…sounds amazing 🙂

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