I think I’m HOT!

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Ever had that “jungle fever” craze? Where you think it’s a good idea to attempt YOGA in a HOT (Like equator hot?!?) room?

Or you’ve already suffered through it, loved it, now you’re an addict?

An Experience one never forgets…

If you enjoy a little, nope let me rephrase, a LOT of torture then hot yoga is a win win!  Who came up with the combo of yoga (which I love) and a room that’s so hot you can barely breathe (suffocation is putting it mildly)? This is a rhetorical question folks.

Perhaps it’s the feeling of shock once the first “pinky toe” enters the room that causes a quick “why am I here” kind of thought.

Today I’m sharing my experience, not because I’m an avid class taker, or a “know it all” on the subject. Oh, and I’m not trying to convince you one way or the other either, so relax, just enjoy the read.

Why for the love of God try it?

Enter MY BUBBLE of a world. My motto includes, “TRY almost anything fitness related AT LEAST ONCE.” Also, the aftermath of the class caused me to think I looked quite SVELTE several hours after the class (probably cause I was dehydrated), whatever, my skinny jeans aren’t making me feel like a sausage, so that’s a WIN!

In all honesty, I’ve been “kookoo for cocoa puffs” crazy enough to do this more than once. Something about it can be addictive, maybe its the competition. I’m the girl that pops in once and awhile, lookin for the torture of the heat and maybe the feeling of detox (I use the term detox very loosely here!). I’m not sure what the driving force was this morning, maybe I feel like I have to unleash some sweat (which flies off me when I run).

But I’m not referring to some beaded up sweat on your forehead you need to dab at politely. I’m referring to,”I’m singing in the rain” size puddles here. Let me repeat PUDDLES. The kind of sweat a LADY might never want to partake in. So if you’re the type that goes to the gym and does cardio for an hour without EVER breaking a sweat (likely you’re NOT working HARD enough! and if it’s medical related, I apologize), then this is NOT for YOU!

The Gear & Pre-prep

When I packed one towel, thinking, “I sweat okay? I always need a towel, even for pilates”… this should suffice….


You need THREE towels (not the good ones you use for guests! the secret stash of clean, never been used towels). I’m referring to the “nasty” towels that are all stained up and probably standing on their own. I know, gross. Anyway…

You”ll also need your own mat (which, eewwww why wouldn’t you bring your own anyway, bacteria anyone? Swine flu? Avian flu? I’m just sayin…).

I wore 2 tank tops and leggings that cut off at the knee. Thinking it wasn’t possible to wear less clothing without being “naked”. Others proved me wrong. People who take this class are “hard-core” and wear close to nothing.

Okay hot bodies, “I’ll take your challenge!” Besides, some of the people in the room gave me inspiration. The muscles, lean lookin bods and intensity (focus) in the room was hard to ignore.

The instructor even looked hard-core. A bit too skinny, muscular, bald man wearing all spandex. That’s gutsy, no?

Oh…one more thing. If you think you gonna wear make-up to this class you have one really scary situation comin your way (like clown scary, or the combo of meat in a cupcake scary). Do yourself a favor, save the cute ponytail and penciled in eyebrows for the elliptical.

Here we go

5 Minutes in that hotter than hot room I was ready to head for the hills (any hills!). I thought,”If someone could just open that door and let some air in, that would work well about now.” But I’m no quitter! And while I’m competitive as it is…the sweat mounding up on my forehead was making me really uncomfortable and a bit anxious. I glared at that HUGE bottle of water infused with a packet of Emergen-C (cause that stuff is supposed to be good for ya) wantinf to chug immediately, but the fear of having to Pee and leave the room stopped me, so I let the nausea settle and continued with panic.

OK, back to the task at hand. If you’re unaware of this practice of yoga, Bikram is known for its series of poses of which you’re to HOLD (hold on for dear life?!) for a period of time, then repeat.

Halfway through I thought it was over. I mean my ankles and hands were so sweaty that I couldn’t even grip them to hold some of the poses. Gazing at others in the room you quickly pick-up on the “use a towel to assist trick.” Ninety minutes never went by so slowly. Swapping positions from standing to lyin on the floor couldn’t have come fast enough! As the class ended, I thanked my lucky stars I made it through, then plowed out the door for some air.

Nothing like a herd of people and sweaty bodies in the morning!

Listen, it smells to high heavens in that room. I’m not sugar coat it.

I thanked the instructor (not sure for what) but I was feeling quite energized and renewed. I wasn’t smellin like daisies either.

Would I do this again?

What do you think? Have I stumped you?

Hmmmm, in a sick way I feel the urge to go back occasionally. I have an odd yurning for that “I just soaked through my clothes” feel and “hold a tree pose while focusing on your ankle not slipping off your thigh” torture. Who wouldn’t want to feel that way? Here’s where I drum up controversy. Is this good for you?

People do this form of yoga more than once a week maybe five, or more!

I”m correcting this post NOW because I actually AM a soon to be certified ISHTA yoga instructor! I’m not a yoga expert, or a yogi, or an instructor. There is conflicting science about this practice of yoga and I’m not going to bore you with that.

I’ll just share some further READS despite the fact that I now know why I’ll likely stick to heating my body up in other ways that don’t include a room that’s already over 100 degrees. Especially since I’ve now been in a yoga studio with the air conditioner not working, ummm, that alone heats you up! 

Not to mention the fact that now I know about how to truly balance myself (uh, literally, and referring to the fact that I’m pitta dominent, but I’ll save that for another blog post!).

Wikipedia Article

Health Psychology-very in depth article, good read

My gut and body (cause I got about three infections after doing this yoga for 2 weeks straight) tell me,“Go with caution and Do Not Repeat!” But I’ll probably do it again?!

The warning of lightheadedness and potential nausea ain’t no joke. You’re supposed to drink and NOT eat 2 hours prior to the class and bring at least 1 liter of water to the class. Don’t take this lightly.

Are you Pro Hot Yoga?

Do you Dodge this hot haven?

What experience can you share?

NOW Make the Christmas Cookies I posted! 🙂

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3 thoughts on “I think I’m HOT!

  1. I am a big fan of hot yoga but not Bikram yoga. First off, Bikram Chodhury is pedantic, controlling and exaggerative. But the important thing to me really was that Bikram yoga is very hamstring intensive. I did it for a year and towards the end of that year, I start experiencing throbbing pains in my hamstrings a few hours after every session. If I went into the full postures, that is. I had to lay off after that. Bikram doesn’t have enough hip stretching or glute activating exercises to compensate for all the sitting we do everyday. I switched to an independent hot yoga studio, Yoga Haven. They offer a Hot Vinyasa/Ashtanga Yoga class, which is more rigorous and also more rewarding. I never have problems with my hamstrings anymore and I still love the heat. I feel more energized and my skin is so much better. I love to sweat out the day. My mind feels clearer and I stress less. Since my hot yoga practice, I don’t over think things anymore; I am more positive. I just don’t nitpick as much anymore. I feel a lot emptier, but in a good way: a child-like nothingness/carefree-ness! If that makes sense.

    Also, I feel the sweaty, nasty experience you have in front of the mirror brings you more in touch with your body. You appreciate it, how it looks, its limits and all that it is doing for you in that moment and day to day. But I guess that can be said in all forms of yoga.

    Personally I am a fan of the heat, just not Bikram!

  2. Hmmmm, am I excited or even more nervous now?? I am pretty sweaty anyways and I can’t even imagine sweating more than I do on the stair master! I’ll let you know how it goes 🙂 GREAT POST

    • I told it like it is! LOL. I think everyone has to try it at least once and for some reason many of us, including myself go back for more! It’s the weirdest thing! I’ll tell you that I when I did it a few times within two weeks I did feel good, until the illness(es) kicked in. Absolutely let me know how it goes! Thanks!

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