Green Goddess-Asparagus Soup

The chill lingering in the air and the cloudy sky really gives me reason to keep my slippers on, curl up in a blanket and sip soup. I don’t mean that literally, but doesn’t it sound nice?

The Italians pronounce asaparagus- asparago (ah-SPHA-rah-goh) so lovely how they make everything sound sexy. The first time I had this green veggie displayed as a cream based soup was at the Museum of Natural History. Little Odd, right? I was lunching that day, what can I say.  I was pleasantly surprised with its creaminess, pale green hue and somewhat sweetened flavor! I am going to ignore the fact that the cream was probably real cream, but didn’t I say eat what you want, moderation is key? Later that same day I immediately had to hunt down some version of this recipe, or at least one I could play with.

Asparagii Fun Facts

  • Europeans prefer them white, and they’re white because they are grown underground to prevent it from becoming green!
  • There is also a purple variety-Viola
  • Thicker spears give proof of the more mature plant
  • I typically roast the green spears or perhaps include them in a frittata or leave them crunchy and RAW in a salad.
  • Wonder why your urine is a bit pungent? Asparagus has a diuretic effect and something called asparagine, which is the root of the cause!

Today we’ll be boiling them, pureeing, then sipping it off a spoon.


  • Tons of reasons to chomp on the green stalk!
  • Between the Vitamin A, Iron, B vitamins and Vitamin C….the question is,“Why aren’t you eating them?”
  • High in an antioxidant known as glutathione, which assists other antioxidants including vitamin A and E.
  • Excellent source of potassium, Vitamin K and folic acid.


  • When buying, choose firm, bright green (or pale ivory) stalks with tight tips.  Darker color indicates more nutrient dense.
  • They’re best cooked the same day they are purchased but will keep tightly wrapped in a plastic bag 3-4 days in the refrigerator.
  • OR store standing upright in about an inch of water, covering the container with a plastic bag.
  • Wash well! They’re grown in very sandy soil.


Serves: 4 servings (serving size: 1 cup) (Original Recipe Cooking Light)

Make it VEGETARIAN with soymilk, ricemilk or any other alternative along with vegetable stock or broth.

Vegan’s will need an alternate butter source as well, try Earthbalance.


  • 3  cups  (1/2-inch) sliced asparagus (about 1 pound)
  • 2  cups  fat-free, less-sodium chicken broth (or vegetable broth)
  • 3/4  teaspoon  fresh thyme, divided
  • 1  bay leaf
  • 1  garlic clove, crushed (I use 2)
  • 1  tablespoon  all-purpose flour
  • 2  cups  1% low-fat milk (Or other milk alternative)
  • Dash of ground nutmeg (I use Fresh nutmeg!-grate it yourself -a little goes a long way)
  • 2  teaspoons  butter
  • 3/4  teaspoon  salt
  • 1/4  teaspoon  grated lemon rind


Slice asparagus into 1″ pieces, set aside. Also save some pieces if you want to impress a crowd and need a nice garnish.

I love using some of the spears to poke out of the soup.


Combine asparagus, broth, 1/2 teaspoon thyme, bay leaf, and garlic in a large saucepan over medium-high heat; bring to a boil. Reduce heat, cover, and simmer 10 minutes. Discard bay leaf. Place asparagus mixture in a blender; process until smooth.

Place flour in pan. Gradually add the milk, stirring with a whisk until blended. Add puréed asparagus and ground nutmeg; stir to combine. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat; simmer 5 minutes, stirring constantly. Remove from heat, and stir in 1/4 teaspoon thyme, butter, salt, and lemon rind.

Serve it up! ENJOY!

Have you tried this soup?

What else are you doing with asparagus?

Do you love it, hate it?

Comment and share!

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12 thoughts on “Green Goddess-Asparagus Soup

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  3. Asparagus cream soup was the soup of the day at a restaurant I just went to. I never realized asparagus could be made into a soup. Anyway, I tried it. It was so delicious that I was going to google a recipe and here I found yours on Foodpress.. Thanks! I’ll try making it this weekend!

    • Oh happy day for you! I had no idea it could be a soup until that delightful day at the Met. It brings me such joy that you will try it. Let me know how it turns out! I was thinking of adding some diced potato chunks for the husband…make it a little more “filling.” It brings me so much joy all the lovely people I’m meeting!

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