The Fab Filbert

Bunch of Nuts

One nut four names

  • Noisette (french word for browned butter, also means hazelnut), Cobnut, Filbert, Hazelnut (interchangeable).
  • Fun fact 1) , 99 percent of U.S. hazelnuts are coming from Oregon (official state nut!), 2) A Greek physician claimed these nuts medicinal benefits could cure the common cold and rid you of a chronic cough. Oh yeah, they may also cure baldness. Hmmm.

According to my Food Lover’s Companion (A must have!) you can expect a sweet, rich, somewhat toasty flavor with a little bitterness from its skin.  These wild nuts make appearances chopped, ground and whole in a variety of sweet and savory foods such as salads and main dishes. Pastry chefs have used them in tortes, cookies, candies and dare I mention they’re jarred up into that creamy delight; Nutella?! WARNING: you may eat it out of the jar.


if we need to start a “I eat too much Nutella support group.”

Food Companion-Assist

Nutritionally Speaking

Second to the almond, they’re a good source of Calcium, boast an excellent amount of Vitamin E , Fiber, FolateMagnesium and the healthy Monounsaturated Fats (think olive oil).

Today I decided…

I had extra toasted hazelnuts from the spiced pumpkin pie I made for the holiday and I can’t live without nut butter!  If you haven’t ventured and made your own NUT BUTTER, you really must!!! Nothing tops making it yourself, not to mention the taste. You will never purchase grocery store nut butter ever again.



1-2 cups Hazelnuts, chopped, toasted


Preheat oven to 425 degrees.  Chop hazelnuts into small pieces, place on baking sheet, distributed rather evenly. Bake for 7-8 minutes (avoid burning them!).

Remove from oven and let cool. Place in food processor and pulse until it becomes a paste!

Nut butter goodness!

Oh yum!




Chefs Tips:

  • Substitute almonds or peanuts!
  • Always roast before use to enhance the flavor.
  • Store in your fridge to avoid rancidity. Because they are high in fat (remember, I said the good fats, like olive oil, hazelnuts are best kept cold. Stored in a closed container in a refrigerator at 34 to 38° F, hazelnuts will keep for a year. Frozen below 27° F, they’re good for two years.  Bring hazelnuts to room temperature in their closed container before use, and use quickly for best results.
  • Spread this stuff on toast, mix into a smoothie, mix into your oatmeal! (Perhaps try my oats or kamut!)



4 thoughts on “The Fab Filbert

  1. Ok- you just made me go to the kitchen and eat a spoonful of Justin’s chocolate hazelnut butter! Seriously, I was ready to go to sleep, then I was on Twitter and saw your post and read it, and then I just HAD to have the hazelnut butter. It was good :-). I’ve never made my own nut butter, but will try it soon! I’m thinking walnut or pecan butter…Mmmm….

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