NYC Marathon morning, a crisp chill, truly perfect weather, a late night beforehand and sleep over in the city called for a hearty brunch.

Woke up with the two most deliciously cute pugs….Nelson and Maya (Dogs courtesy of Tev and Rach)



After the doggie photo shoot it only made sense to go eat. My location was Chelsea and Cafeteria was right next door, how convenient. For those who haven’t been, the website paints a very descriptive picture. During the day the restaurant comes off as more of a cool, modern diner of sorts, at night the music and lighting make you feel like you’re at a hip lounge that serves the best late night greasy foods (sometimes it’s just what you need).

A well-known spot that’s always packed, this time was no different. Fortunately for us we were seated immediately. While some chose to drink Bloody’s (I was driving folks-but those bloody’s looked quite delectable), others chose to have coffee (which was pretty darn good).


First steps inside and the scent of fried foods and pancake syrup hits the senses.  The menu is Traditional American, I never have a problem finding something to eat. The salads buzzing past my head and some sort of mexican looking egg dish had me drooling.  Our waiter was extremely friendly who hung around for some chit-chat. It’s really hard to avoid ordering the truffle fries or mac and cheese, but I’m one to try a bite and let someone else order it! OR another trick, when you’re watching what you’re eating share with a friend! Again, never deprive yourself, but try avoiding eating like this every day, every meal!

I debated over the “Better than Grandma’s Oatmeal” which impressively uses steel-cut oats, or the “Tomato Basil Soup with mini fontina grilled cheese” cause melted cheese sounded good at that moment. The health freak in me ended up with “Build your own omelette” with a choice of 2 add-ins, spinach and tomatoes.  My fellow diners chose the breakfast quiche, ricotta pancakes (sinfully good), and eggs Benedict.

REASON TO GO: If you want fancier looking comfort food, an original cocktail list, or you’re craving fries we have a winner!

Other bonus: Whether it’s 1 am or 12 pm you’ll be catered to. One of the HIGHLIGHTS IS THAT THEY SERVE FOOD 24/7!


Salad options: Country Brussel sprout, Baby Spinach, Bartlet Pear or Mission Fig-I’d order all without the pancetta or croutons.

Meal: Vegan, Veggie burger (split with a friend, it’s pretty big)-salad on the side.

BEWARE: “Fried Chicken N’ and Waffles” and maybe the “Deep Fried Oreos”?  I’m just sayin….



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