Sometimes you should EAT THE CUPCAKE!

I don’t care that cupcakes are overexposed. I’m going to write about them, cause I can, and I love em. That’s how I roll. And sometimes a girl just wants to stick her finger in a tub of icing, Oh I meant eat the icing off the cake?!. The sugar crash is totally worth it, every so often that is. Fortunately I’m a train ride or 20 minute drive from NYC so I can write about the many FOOD treasures I’ve discovered and share with all of you!

Billy’s is one of my favorite bakeries. Located in Chelsea you can find this quant 40’s style little bakery where I’ve waited on-line (only once, maybe twice and it was beyond freezing outside, but totally worth it) to take home a cupcake or two or three and possibly some banana pudding. Yum.

Aesthetically, you feel like you’ve just walked into your grandma’s kitchen.  I snapped as many shots as I could without being the “annoying” girl with a blog, after all, the space is small and you have limited time to snag some good photos. I politely asked if I could get a few close-ups, of which the girl behind the counter said, “of course”. How sweet.

While Billy’s is known for cupcakes, it has an array of other options on the menu. Those who aren’t looking for the same experience of consuming a delectable cupcake (I’ll never understand this) have a cornucopia of options including cookies, bars, baby cheesecakes (pumpkin in season now!) and banana pudding. There aren’t a lot of seats to plant your bum on, however, a few benches outside the store provide a second option where one can enjoy a treat. I make cupcake sandwiches! Take the bottom off the cupcake, squish it on top of the icing, smash both top and bottom together= CUPCAKE SANDWICH!

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My choice! RED VELVET CUPCAKES WIN! Hands down the best Red Velvet in NYC, and I’ve been to MOST of the bakeries in the city. I have also baked red velvet cakes from scratch using the famous Magnolia Bakery cookbook. How gorgeous!

My Red Velvet Cake!


Next time you’re craving sugar (yeah yeah, processed, not healthy, but I’m realistic and sometimes you need to eat what you want before it eats you!) head to Billy’s!

Red Velvet-Perfection!



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