Trick better than a Treat? In this case…YES

Perfect Honey Crisps…

Otherwise known as nature’s toothbrush, behold the APPLE. While bobbing for them is a favorite pastime replacing them as a healthier snack is even better. Make sure you eat the skin, that’s where the sole source of its nutritive value is hidden. I have tendencies to play tricks or maybe more of what we’ll call food experiments. Sometimes my husband ends up being my guinea pig without knowing it (honey, if you read this it’s for your own good). Whether you are trying to enhance the nutritional quality of your diet or someone else (i.e..husband, kids, friends) you can make an impact by having healthier foods readily available. There have been times when I had baked goods out on the kitchen counter (I’m a real person you know-dietitians do bake) and I found that indulging in the goodies when they’re in your face may be inevitable!

The Trick…

My quest to increase fruit and vegetables in anyone’s diet starts with small steps (same goes with my husband). I went to the farmers market and bought a bag of apples (Hastings Farmers Market). Saturday, the bag was full and the honey crisps were perfect and ready to eat. Here’s what happened.

  • Saturday-I placed the apples in a glass bowl and left them out in the kitchen(looking all pretty). Minus 1 that evening.
  • Sunday-Minus 2 apples
  • Monday-Minus 1 apple
  • Tuesday-Minus 1 apple
  • Wednesday-Only 2 left!

    And then there were two...


By the 4th day, 5 apples gone! I am not counting the ones I consumed. My husband comes home starving at times, he saw the gorgeously placed apples and just grabbed. While this is not rocket science, it’s a simple message. What you should takeaway is this,” If you build it, they will come.”  Placement of healthier foods makes a difference. Take it a step further and have sliced fruits and veggies already out with a healthy dip for the family. Then sit back and watch the vanishing act!



5 thoughts on “Trick better than a Treat? In this case…YES

  1. I do the same thing. I always have apples, oranges and bananas on the counter. I will often put a veggie plate on the counter as well. Just cut veggies that the kids can grab throughout the day. They are ALWAYS hungry and wanting crackers and junk and this helps SO much!! Thanks!!!

  2. can you place fruits in my apt? I promise to eat them… I’ve also found that foods that require preparation (like a melon) will sit for days or even weeks unless someone takes the time to cut them into bite size portions that are ready to eat and places them conveniently into a bowl.

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